Friday, July 6, 2018

Maromaku Sports day.

Sport day in Maromaku

On Friday the 29th of June we went to Maromaku to play sports. I played rugby with a whole lot of people. Waikare School needed abou
t 4 people from our school to be in their term for the day because they did not have enough people.
The first school we played against was Pakaraka. We had a game playing against them and even though they won,
I really enjoyed playing against Pakaraka.
The second game we had was a challenge because I think that we were coming a tie but they won. We did not care if we lost we just cared
if we had fun.
The third game we played was really cool because we won. That was our first game we won on that day.
But the sad thing was that two people got hurt so they could not play. A girl named Alexi hurt her leg so she could not play for the last game.
That was sad, and then a boy named Lesane was getting a try then this boy came and tackled him and he landed on his shoulder.
Everyone was running to him
because he was crying. My uncle Pep had to take him to Kawakawa hospital.

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