Friday, June 23, 2017

My Persuasive Writing.


WALT understand the structure for a piece.
Are Innovative Learning Environments Better for Teaching and Learning

Hi my name Vanya, and I think that our new Innovative Learning Environment is better for teaching and learning.

Firstly, on my learning plan I do want I’m doing in the morning like my writing, reading or maths I like doing reading it is very fun that's why.
At reading we read the story on our chromebooks or else we will read on Read Theory.

Secondly, in the middle block we do workshops like writing workshops and maths workshops. I like going to Mrs Pou’s maths workshops because I like it, and it is perfect for my level.
Thirdly, in the last block, on Monday we have PE, on Tuesday we go to kapahaka, on Wednesday year sixes goes to library and year seven and eights go to Tech. Thursday it’s just a normal day, and last of all we go to assembly on Friday. I love the day because it will be the weekend.

I love what I do at school but sometimes I get angry at the teachers because I have a bad day, but the next day I came back to school and learn other things each day. I love school, when I’m sick I still want to go to school. The teachers work very hard to teach the kids, that’s how we learn from the teachers and our families.

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