Friday, June 23, 2017

Making Ice cream recount.

Making Ice Cream
WALT Use Metaphors and alliteration

Last week on Friday morning our teachers let Te Ngahere make ice cream because we finished our learning plans within the 10 minute mark!

Firstly we got called up to make our ice cream. The ingredients we used was a small lunch bag, a large lunch bag, six gross tablespoons of salt, two tablespoon of sugary  sugar, Icy ice, vanillary vanilla essence and sweet creamy cream.

Mrs Pou had called my partner (her name is Cilla 0and I, we were very excited we washed our hands and listened to Mrs Pou she said to “Grab a small and a large ziplock bag and put your names on them.” My partner and I our names on them and took the bags to Mrs Pou to put Ice in it. After that we put six tablespoons of salt in the bags with icy ice in it, I said to Mrs Pou that, “Will salt be in our Ice Cream and she said, “No it’s just to make it be quick.”

Next we grabbed the little lunch bags, put cream in it and then put vanilla essence in with the cream then Mrs Pou said, “Put the small bag into the big bag and smack it.” So Cilla and I went outside to shake it. I shook it and Cilla took some pretty photos of people because she could not shake it she had a broken arm.

We waited four five minutes to see if it was ready but it was not, I looked at my hands they were really red I could not feel them, but I just kept shaking it. I said to Cilla, “Is it ready?” and she said, “Yes.” So I gave the icy ice creamy cream to Brodi so she could put it into the freezing cold freezer.

Once the icy Ice creamy cream was ready we got to have some it was very yummy I got the first taste it was gross because there was salt on the bag and then Cilla had some she like it. We really liked the Ice cream. We really want to make it again.

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